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Youth For Nation (YFN) is a registered voluntary organization active since 2008 and affiliated with Rashtriya Sewa Bharti : mother for social organizations in India. Creative, enthusiastic and patriotic youths of India, also Indian youths working abroad- having soul intimacy with their motherland, gather under the umbrella of Youth For Nation. Youth For Nation is an appropriate platform for all those Indian youths who wish to serve the nation by their ability, capability and innovations but they don't know how and from where to start ? Lakhs of youths are inspired by Youth For Nation and started working for the strengthening of India. Away from any biased ideology our focus is to turn India into a Super Power for the sake of Humanity, Fraternity and Brotherhood resulting into World Peace and Bliss.
YFN as an organization works as a team and its volunteer as an individual is a pure soul of Almighty. By youth we mean a courageous, healthy, active and balanced man or woman. In the present era youths are equipped with all required abilities and technology. They need not to be instructed HOW TO DO but they are to be indicated only that WHAT TO DO ! Though nature itself is enough to teach all required things but guidance by an experienced one makes the task easy. YFN as a team has a large number of experienced individuals from different fields of life who are able enough to guide such youths who may be the True Future Leaders of the nation and world.

We are committed to serve the Nation in the form of Nature, we are committed to serve the God in the form of Society and Humanity and we are committed to care the Next Generation.