A call to Bhartiya Youth

Definitely you have some feelings :

When you see any child as beggar or labourer.
When you face traffic jams or open garbage on the roads.
When you read anger and disappointment on the face of any youth.
When you observe insult of an elder by a younger one.
When you feel villages and cows as neglected.
When you count increasing hospitals and patients in the country
When you hear about a crime, corruption or cruelty.

Then what do you do ..... ?

Criticism ! Ignorance !! Silence !!!

That is not enough for you ...

Our Objective

Aggregate Creative Youths.
Serve the Mother nature.
Encourage capable Youths for SEWA activities.
Raise the Spirituality of Youths.
Make their personality impressive.
Train and develop leadership capacity of Youths.
Support Honest and Good Character Youth officers in Job.
Create mass awareness and conduct surveys.
Deal with social evils and inequalities.
Establish justice where required.
Develop love, faith and coordination mutually.
Any activity for Social Harmony, Health and Nationalism.

The mission of YFN is to inspire youths to volunteer, connect them with any project of their interest, and provide ongoing support and training to the volunteers and the NGOs.